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The Kingdom of Florin

Princess Buttercup

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Princess Buttercup
24 June 1984
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This is where I am supposed to write stuff about myself. However, I'm lazy and have a short attention span...so lists it is!

Things I Dislike(often very strongly):
* Bad writing in tv shows/books/movies, anything that makes me cringe and wonder why in the hell you are getting paid to do that.
* Bad food, either it wasn't prepared correctly, it was cooked right or it just plain tastes nasty. I love food too much to waste time on stuff that isn't up to par.
* Feeling empty, lonely and scared and having no clue how to make it go away. Or how to fill that hole inside of yourself.
* People who get incredibly mad at you, but then flat out refuse to tell you why or even that they are mad. Yet, it's blatantly obvious whenever they are around you that there's a problem.
* When people talk about you in another language and you have NO IDEA what they are saying. But you hear your name and then they look at you and laugh/snicker.
* Bad/slow/asian women/old drivers who refuse to get out of the left hand lane. That is the FAST lane and if you're doing the speed limit get the fuck outta my way.
* Distance. take that however you want.
* The Star Wars Universe movie-wise has now come to and end and I no longer have the new movies to look forward to.
* Losing pieces of myself to people who will never know and who no longer seem to care.
* People who continously talk behind your back, but are sugarly sweet to your face. Be honest and just let me know when you don't like me or are angry with me. It's a lot easier than lying about it.
* The fact that I cared so much for a group of people and now we are spread all over the globe and the chances of us ever reuniting all at once are pretty damn slim.
* Sleeping alone in a big bed, it just feels so cold and so empty and it makes you realize just how alone you are.
* Fighting with my close friends and then not speaking for a while.
* Bad sexers/kissers, it's just not fun when you slobber/bite/don't know what you're doing. They have a book know, it's called Sex for Dummies. Buy it. It'll help.
* Stupid ignorant people who refuse to acknowledge that they don't know things. However they will spout off information about any and every topic and claim that is is all completely true. Shut up, no one cares.
* People who hurt my friends and family. DO whatever you want to me, I don't care, but mess with them and I will react.
* Being poor.
* Customers. Those who treat me poorly, the men who act as if I don't exist or the ones who act as if i'm stupid. No, I can't change the policy for you, no I can't bend the rules for you and no I'm not doing any of this to simply piss you off. Please treat me with respect and for the love of pete hang up your cellphone when you are at my register.

Things I Like:
* Spending obsessive amounts of time writing in my journal.
* Best friends who love me to pieces depsite my overwhelming dorkiness and tendencies to rant and rave unnecessarily (and sometimes obsessively).
* Really good food; sushi, steak, lamb, spaghetti, mexican, chinese, lobster, seafood in general, cheese biscuits, gucamole, my yummy salad, salads in general, chocolate cake. coffee-toffee-pecan bottom pie with mocha whipped cream, mint surprise cookies.. you get the picture.
* Driving down the highway (at least 10 over the speed limit, at least) with the windows down, the AC/Heat cranked up, the radio blaring and singing along at the top of my lungs.
* A really good book that I get so caught up in I don't want to put it down. And oftentimes I will read continously until I'm finished...that has been a problem while in school.
* Partying and hanging out with my frienchies and spainards, feeling relaxed and happy and able to be completely myself.
* TV marathons with UCoG...Veronica Mars, The West Wing, Buffy, BSG, Band of Brothers, Alias.
* Dancing around my room/house to cheesey pop music and singing along like an idiot cause there's no one there to see me. =)
* Having a kitchen that I can cook in and then using it all the time.
* Hot tea with milk and sugar.
* Walking in to my house to be greeted by an overly excited puppy. it's nice to know that no amtter how long I've been gone she is always excited to see me back. Makes me feel loved.
* Star Wars, the movies/books/toys/games/comics. All of it. I love it and I'm obsessed. Just call me Mara. =)
* Thunderstorms that last all afternoon while you curl up inside with a good book or movie and a nice cup of tea. Cookies are also good to have.
* A sister who is the coolest ever and who loves me dearly and whom I love dearly, despite all the crap we put each other through.
* Good sexing/kissing. It's a fun activity, so you better be able to do it well.
* Really good movie scores, where the music just makes you all excited and then you start conducting it to yourself and you get so caughtup in it that everything else kinda fades away for a moment.
* Falling in love and feeling that feeling of wholeness and warmth and security. Especially when it's that person. You want nothing else than to be with them always and when you're with them nothing can go wrong.
* Midnight showings of movies, because everyone there is there because they LOVE the movie.
* Friends that you can trust with anything and everything and know that in the end they will still support you and still love you.
*Disney movie marathons. Especially with people who are five years old like me!

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